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Chiappera – Bellino

Tipologia percorso



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Dislivello in salita

1.150 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.350 m

Tempo complessivo

7 h

In senso inverso

7.15 h

Chiappera 1661 m – Colle di Bellino 2804 m – S. Anna di Bellino 1882 m – Chiazale 1705 m – Celle 1675 m – Prafauchier 1700 m – Chiesa 1480 m

This section is a bit long but very varied, through high altitude pastures on the side of the Val Maira and down to Bellino in the valley floor of Val Varaita, then through the beautiful and varied hamlets of Bellino (Blins), among the best preserved examples of rural settlements of our valleys.

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