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Ghigo di Prali – Villa di Rodoretto (percorso alternativo)

Trail typology


Elevation gain

1.050 m

Elevation loss

1.070 m

Total time

6.50 h

In the opposite direction

6.45 h

Ghigo di Prali 1455 m – Costa Galmont 1680 m circa – Colletto della Fontana 2503 m – Bergeria Balma 1883 m – Balma 1710 m – Villa di Rodoretto 1432 m

If you start the crossing from Prali, the Prali-Costa Galmont-Rodoretto section may be too short. This is why we suggest this itinerary on the ridge between the deep valleys of Rodoretto and Prali. Those who do not want to reach the Colletto della Fontana can follow a part of the crest, then return to Galmont and from there descend to Rodoretto along the basic itinerary.

Stopovers on this trail