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Hotel Nigritella Campello Monti, Communytti Valstrona

Usseaux – La Placette – Hotel Widesspreasd . Restaurant Community Usseaux

Alpe Cheggio – Hotel Alpino Cheggio – Communitty Antropiana (ex Antrona Schieranco)

Shelter San Bernardo – Communitty Bognanco


PLEASE RESERVE BEFORE LEAVING, it is possible that the places to sleep and have lunch have decreased, to keep the distances between people, on legal provisions due to Covid19. After having booked all the stops on the itinerary and departing, arrived at the first stop, in the evening always confirm your arrival at the next stop.

We also recommend carrying a small set of PPE (personal protective equipment), masks, gloves and a small hand sanitizer gel in your backpack. Toothbrush, toothpaste, small soap, towel, light shoes for hotels. If you want more information, send an e-mail.

Listen to all the recommendations that the managers will suggest to you,

Best regards and good excursion