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Alpe – Alpe Cheggio

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

894 m

Dislivello in discesa

874 m

Tempo complessivo

5.20 hours

In senso inverso

5.45 hours

Alpe Colma  1570 m – Alpe Prei 1413 m – Cà di Sciuri 1345 m –Alpe Lamporiggia 1148 m – Alpe Baitone 790 m –  Case Mundà 596 m – Prato 602 m – San Pietro 649 m –  Prabernardo (684 m) – Locasca (743 m) – Antropiana 908 m – Alpe Pianzei 1010 m – Alpi Campo 1264 m – Alpe Cheggio 1488 m

The departure is all downhill through woods and meadows until you reach the valley floor, using the road to Alpe Cheggio alternately, also passing along paths and inside characteristic hamlets, hamlets and the Municipality of Antropiana arriving at Alpe Cheggio where you can admire the dam of Lake Alpe dei Cavalli and Pizzo d’Andolla

From the Alpe Colma refuge the path descends on the opposite slope, enters the wood and reaches houses a little further uphill from Alpe Prei (1413 m), passes next to a cross and a cableway, enters the wood again yes it reaches Cà Sciuri (1345 m) which you leave to your right, you enter the beech forest you cross some houses you leave to your left and you continue to the right going down into the woods, alternating wide and narrow curves you reach the abandoned Alpe Lamporiggia (1148 m), proceed between curves to the left on the Vallone Conca between stretches of mule tracks up to Alpe Baitone (790 m), descend to then turn right, continue in the mixed wood and arrive at Case Mundà (596 m) 2.00. Take the road to the left following the signs and cross the hamlets along the road or on the internal roads you pass the hamlets of Prato (602m), San Pietro and Prabernardo (684m). Still on the road, pass the crossroads for Passo Mottone, at a hairpin bend to the right, leave the road and follow a track through meadows and sparse woods that leads to Locasca (743 m) 1.10 hours, at times follow the old road to Amtropiana, pass a first crossroads for Rovesca and a second crossroads near the Antropiana cemetery, after the bridge over the Ovesca stream, pass through the center of Antropiana (908 m) at 2.00, on leaving the town take the mule track as far as the road near some houses Alpe Pianzei (1010 m), follow the road towards Alpe Cheggio, at a sharp bend to the left (about 1080 m) it leaves. To the right, after the bridge over the Loranco stream, go up directly passing by a house and you reach the road again, upstream on the side, follow the red and white signs to reach the Alpi di Campo plateau (1264 m), you meet the road at the end on the plateau, leave the road and take the path on the slope between scattered trees and boulders, pass some houses, cross the road and arrive at the meadows below Alpe Cheggio and the Albergo Ristorante Alpino (1488 m) 5.20 am

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