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Balsiglia – Villa di Rodoretto

Trail typology



Anello delle Valli Valdesi

Elevation gain

660 m

Elevation loss

720 m

Total time

5 h

In the opposite direction

4.35 h

Balsiglia 1370 m – Roberso 1188 m – Campo la Salza 1128 m Didiero 1210 m – Colletto delle Fontane 1572 m – Colle di Serrevecchio 1707 m – Villa di Rodoretto 1432 m

A section at a low altitude through the municipalities of Massello and Salza, which were once very populated and are now reduced to a few people, very interesting for the presence of many typical villages, the rich flora, the interesting fir wood of Salza, the abundance of the fauna.

This section can be walked for a good part of the year.