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Fraction Arneodi di Stroppo – Celle Macra Fraction Chiesa

Tipologia percorso



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Dislivello in salita

900 m

Dislivello in discesa

550 m

Tempo complessivo

4.45 hours

In senso inverso

4.15 hours

Arneodi di Stroppo 1076 m – Bassura 927 m – Albaretto – Celle Macra, Fraction Chiesa 1270 m

An itinerary that first climbs and then follows the mountain side between the woods and the hamlets of Albaretto and Celle.

From the hamlet of Arneodi to the hamlet of Paschero 1087 m, capital of the municipality of Stanto, with a large parish church. A digression is advisable, with 20 min. along the mule track or along the carriage road, to the 12th century Romanesque church of S. Pietro 1233 m above. which stands isolated on a cliff. A short descent finally leads to the valley floor, where the village of Bassura is located 927 m: 0.15 hours. From the Bassura hamlet, take a small road, near the eastern end of the town, which branches off downstream from the state road and which descends between the old houses of the town, up to a playground. Cross the bridge over the Maira and follow the forest road that cuts through the dense beech and larch forest towards the east. When the road, after less than 1 km, begins to turn south, to enter the Comba del Mezzogiorno, you need to pay attention to the crossroads with a path that branches off flat on the left. Along the path you cross the Rio Mezzogiorno, and then go up into the dense conifer and beech forest; at 1200 m above sea level you continue on level ground towards the east thus reaching the Chapel of the Madonna 1294 m, from which you look out into the Aramola basin where some of the numerous villages of Albaretto are located. The mule track touches Aramola 1300 m and Maurengo 1304 m on flat ground, crosses the Aramola stream (1319 m) and goes up slightly to Colletto 1410 m, located in a splendid position on a hill between the Combe di Aramola and Intersile; 2.15 hours.

Almost always avoiding the roads, you descend to other villages of Albaretto: passing downstream of Cucchietto, you reach Serremorello 1316 m, the church below (1270 m) with a beautiful Romanesque bell tower, Ciatignano 1208 m, and therefore, already in the territory of Celle Macra, the village of Sagna 1096 m. A short stretch of road leads to a path on the right that passes almost flat above Chiottetto 1043 m and reaches the carriage road to Celle Macra between beech trees and no longer cultivated land near the bridge over the Tibert. Go up this carriage road alternating stretches of the old mule track, reaching Matalia 1080 m, possibly Bassura di Celle 1077 m. Paschero 1195 m and finally Church 1270 m where there is the church and the Town Hall; and the La Locanda di Celle Macra Refuge Stopover 2.15 hours.

Of note is the church, flanked by a beautiful Romanesque bell tower and which houses a splendid polyptych in ten compartments from 1496, attributed to the “Maestro d’Elva”. Another valuable fifteenth-century work are the frescoes that decorate the chapel of San Sebastiano, not far away, on the carriage road to Serre.