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Borgata Marone – Rifugio del Gravio

Trail typology



Anello del Parco Orsiera Rocciavré

Anello Massello Bourset Rocciavré

Elevation gain

1.250 m

Elevation loss

800 m

Total time

6.45 h

In the opposite direction

6.20 h

Indiritto, borgata Marone 956 m – Colle Bione 1420 m – Pian dell’Orso 1920 m – Monte Benedetto 1170 m – Rifugio del Gravio 1390 m

This section is very interesting culturally and for the views that it offers: once you have reached the Colle Bione it is easy to follow the panoramic gentle ridge that is the dividing line between Val Sangonetto and the lower Valle di Susa; you come down to the ancient Certosa di Monte Benedetto and then briefly ascend again to the Rifugio del Gravio.

Stopovers on this trail