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Chialvetta – Chiappera

Tipologia percorso



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Dislivello in salita

850 m

Dislivello in discesa

700 m

Tempo complessivo

5.15 h

In senso inverso

5 h

Chialvetta 1494 m – Pratorotondo 1629 m – Colle Ciarbonet 2206 m – Sorgenti della Maira 1645m – Saretto 1530m – Chiappera 1661 m

From the lateral valley of Unerzio you pass into the valley of Maurin on the extremity of the Val Maira, through a fairly varied and interesting itinerary, in an environment of pastures (with several groups of barns) and of forests (beautiful larch woods), and then through the open valley floor that leads from the sources of the Maira to Chiappera.

From Chialvetta you continue along the old mule track that leads to Pratorotondo (it starts uphill to the left of the church), skirting the stream between meadows, larches and alders. Here a sign indicates on the right (bridge) the mule track that goes up to Grange 1784 m, also covering a short stretch of the road above Pratorotondo and leaving it on the right at the height of a hut: after this, you go up in hairpin bends between groves of broad-leaved trees, up to the town perched on a hill at the edge of the tree vegetation. Continue on the left without entering the village, along a herd road that leads to the ex-military road with some quite steep hairpin bends, in view of the Mozzegliera grange located on a rocky spur. (Those proceeding in the opposite direction must be careful to take the right path on the left). You gain altitude on the road, which climbs with large curves over pasture bumps, passing by many granges, including those of Vallone 1966 m, Rosano 2044 m and finally Colletto 2184 located right below the hill. Thus you reach Colle Ciarbonet 2206 m, a depression between Monte Freid and Monte Midia, with a very beautiful view both towards the north-west (Chiappera basin dominated by the elegant Rocca Provenzale and Torre Castello, and the Chambeyron in the background) and towards south east with the Gardetta Pass, Monte Cassorso and Oserot; 2.00 hours.

From the hill you descend on the opposite side following the mule track (S12) which with a slow slope enters a larch forest and reaches a flat pasture area with a small lake on the right (2141 m). The vegetation thickens, which makes the path that you now follow through pastures a little blurry (visible trail signs on boulders). You enter a larch forest by turning to the right (west) and crossing meadows (signposted on posts), and finally with a more evident trail you go along a small stream and go down with small bends in a beautiful larch and fir forest, in a very cool environment , shady and with numerous rivulets (Fonte Fredda). You then cross a vast stony clearing, being careful not to follow the path where it deviates to the left to go up to the Visaisa lakes: instead, continue on a slight slope between boulders, keeping under the rocky crest that rises to the left and you enter a very suggestive larch forest and we continue among boulders climbing for a certain distance, not decisively but steadily. Still in the woods (except for short clearings), in a very picturesque area with a good path, you reach a saddle, from which a steep descent with hairpin bends begins which leads to a sharp bend in a cart track which leads downhill to the nearby springs del Maira 1645 m; 1.45 hours.

Cross the Maira stream (bridge), and instead of following the road to Saretto, take a track on a steep ramp on the left which leads to a prominence in the land, from where the GTA path descends parallel to the road, until it flows onto a another road where the trail signs are located (S16): follow them to the left along a wide track between huge boulders. Before the hairpin bends the path turns to the right, descending halfway up the hill, crossing a stony ground and then continuing on flat ground until reaching a hairpin bend on the state road, a short distance from the Chiappera hamlet 1661 m. After crossing the characteristic village, after a few hundred meters you reach the Base Camp Refuge Stopover 1.30 hours.