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Fraction Il Truc, Mompantero – Fraction Villaretto, Usseglio

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

900 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.350 m

Tempo complessivo

7.15 h

In senso inverso

7.50 h

Il Truc 1706 m – Alpe Arcella 2000 m – Colle della Croce di Ferro 2558m – Malciaussia 1805m – Margone 1410m – Usseglio 1265 m

A highly panoramic section, especially during the ascent to the Colle della Croce di Ferro, through which you pass into the Valle di Viù, the first of the three Valli di Lanzo. The length of the section is caused both by the almost flat parts before the pass and by the itinerary from Malciaussia to Usseglio, which however partly follows a mule track.

From the Truc huts you go north-east taking, after a short stretch of road up to the last houses, a sheep track through pastures shaded by larches which in some places constitute a real forest. Just before the Gianduia stream, instead of following the path that crosses it, go up for a short distance towards a mountain hut (Grange Vottero) until you reach the wide trace of an old road, which you follow to the right and which ends up on the dirt road that goes up at Alpe Arcella. Continue on this road on open terrain; in the Sevine prairies a monument recalls a well-known battle of the Resistance: the victorious clash of the partisans of the Stellina Division with an overwhelming SS column in 1944.

Just before the road ends, you go up to the margherie of Alpe Arcella 2000 m (fountain). From here a comfortable mule track (EPT 560) between pastures (very extensive panorama) climbs onto the slopes above the Alp, then obliquely towards the right (south) with a long traverse between sparse rhododendrons, turning behind a ridge (Creuse Creuse), reaching half way up the bottom of a large valley slope and up to the top: shortly after, at over 2500 m, you are on the edge of a large slope (the Addoi valley), from which you dominate the entire lower valley of Susa, with the evident U-shaped conformation of the valleys of glacial origin, and with the city of Bussoleno which stands out 2000 meters below.

The mule track runs along the upper edge of the slope and then, with a wide circuit on a slight slope around a suspended valley, heads towards some barracks just below a hill: it is the Colle della Croce di Ferro 2558 m, from which you can enjoy a good panorama, beyond that on the Valsusini mountains, also on Monte Lera and the surrounding mountains of the upper Viù Valley; 3.30 hours.

Route up to the hill, taking place on a grassy mule track in the middle of the pastures, can cause some problems in case of fog.

You now descend north on the opposite side (the mule track has the number EPT 114), into the small valley overlooked by the Turlo (right) and Palon (left) mountains; Paved sections make walking easier. Through stony pastures, you approach the Croce di Ferro stream on hairpin bends, then the mule track heads towards the western edge of Lake Malciaussia.

The artificial basin has submerged the ancient Piano di Malciaussia, and the main nucleus of the old town is now visible in the waters of the lake, on the orographic left. The ancient Autarets road passed through the Piano di Malciaussia, the post office passed between Turin and Savoy

You cross the main tributary of the lake on a wooden bridge, touch the granges of Pietramorta 1812 m and reach the houses of Malciaussia 1805 m; 1.40 hours. Just downstream from the dam, go down to the stream, cross it, go up the opposite bank and follow a track on the right side which then gives way to a path. This descends through pastures up to approximately 1600 m, just before a narrowing of the valley (note that from the dam onwards the landscape is quite wild, not at all disturbed by the road above, completely invisible). You can easily cross the scarce waters of the Stura (the dam in fact reduces its flow), and on the left bank follow the path that leads to the asphalt road near the bridge over the Bellacomba stream; 0.40 hours.

After 1.5 km of road (shortcuts on hairpin bends) just before the Grange Vaiet located on the opposite side of the valley, you go down to the Stura, cross it, reach the Grange Vaiet 1507 m and then, first by path and then by cart track you reach Margone 1410m; 0.40 hours. which is the highest fraction of Usseglio to be inhabited all year round. From Margone to Usseglio, follow the main road for 3.5 km which runs between various villages, which still retain their original characteristics today, and between meadows and a few fields: in 0.40 hours. you are in Usseglio, which passes through the villages of Crot and Villaretto. where the La Furnasa Hotel Stopover is located






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