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Ormea – Refuge Chionea

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Dislivello in salita

373 m.

Dislivello in discesa


Tempo complessivo

1.20 hours

In senso inverso

0.35 hours

Ormea 741 m – Pilone votivo 969 m – Rifugio Chionea  1114 m

From the main square of Ormea 741 m with bus stop (Ceva-Imperia) take the state road to Colle di Nava, then turn right into via Fontanetta (signposted A20) and left into via Santa Lucia, go up the road to Chionea , cross it and take a concrete road; then you leave it to take the old mule track on the left, which goes up into the chestnut wood. Once you reach a ruin you will find a crossroads, where you continue to climb to the left; shortly after you come across the asphalt road that goes up to Chionea again. Continue along the mule track which continues less steeply, passing next to a votive pylon, 969 m and you reach the asphalt road again. Follow the road to the left and after a few metres, take the concrete branch on the right, passing near an accommodation facility, on the right you take the mule track again, which crosses the asphalt road again and continues to climb among the chestnut trees. You leave two branches, the first on the left and the second on the right respectively, then you come out at the Chionea cemetery. Following a comfortable road, which crosses the main road and slightly uphill to the left, before the church you arrive at Refuge Chionea 1114 m. 1.20 hours

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