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Refuge Margaroli – Fraction Valdo – Ponte Formazza

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

0 m

Dislivello in discesa

920 m

Tempo complessivo

2.00 hours

In senso inverso

3.30 hours

Rifugio Margaroli 2194 m – Saghersboden 1772 m – Frazione Valdo 1274 m – Ponte Formazza 1285 m

From Rifugio Margaroli take the agro-forestry-pastoral track that leads to Vallone di Vannino after the dam you will find the crossroads for Rifugio Miryam (0.10 hours) continue until you reach the Saghersboden chairlift (1772 m), you can take the path which leads to the arrival of the chairlift in the valley (or descend directly along the ski slope) and to the Frazione Valdo car park, continue left towards Ponte Formazza. Stage stop Hotel Edelweiss (1285 m) 1.45 hours (it is possible to use the chairlift, the route is halved in terms of time)

Bus “Domodossola Riale”:

Chairlift Saghersboden opening times:


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