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Rifugio Amprimo – Rifugio Selleries

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1175 m

Dislivello in discesa

525 m

Tempo complessivo

6.00 hours

In senso inverso

4.30 hours

Rifugio Amprimo 1385 – Rifugio Toesca 1710 m – Bergerie di Balmerotto 2120 m – Colle del Sabbione 2560 m – Rifugio Selleries 2035 m

This stage partly runs along the high mountain between Valle Susa and Val Chisone when you arrive at Colle del Sabbione behind us stands the imposing Rocciamelone (3534 m), in front of us entering Val Chisone and from the left appear the Monte Villano, Malanotte and Cristalliera meet alpine pastures still in activity among immense pastures where the Selleries refuge is located

From Rifugio Amprimo continue on path 510 which rises and first reaches the lower Balmetta pasture (1515 m) 1.00 hours which you leave to the right and continue slightly uphill on the pasture, passing the crossroads for Colle Aciano, up to to a rock where you turn left climbing into a larch wood. You come out on a grassy shelf and shortly after you cross the stream and with a few hairpin bends you reach the Toesca Hut (1710m) 1.30 hours. From the Refuge signpost 510, pass the crossroads for Porta del Roc and Alpe Alciano to reach Bergerie del Bailmerotto (2107) 1.20 hours, walk diagonally along the path and reach Colle del Sabbione (2560m) 1.40 hours, From Colle signpost 337, continue on the vast plateau then descend (very steeply) to Rio Malanotte for a long stretch continue in the valley, you arrive on a flat stretch, you find a fork on the right for the Bergerie del Chardonnet and Monte Orsiera, you reach the Selleries refuge (2035 m) 6.00 hours

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