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Refuge Coda – Oropa

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

250 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.250 m

Tempo complessivo

3.30 h

In senso inverso

4.45 h

Rif. Coda 2180 m – Bocchetta del Lago 2026 m – Lago del Mucrone 1902 m – Oropa 1180 m

A short section that leads from Valle Elvo to Valle Oropa, with a high altitude part and a long descent to the large and scenographic sanctuary of Oropa.

From the refuge, after a flat stretch, you go down a steep grassy slope with numerous turns and go up a short stretch to overcome the Innominata pass (chains, useful in case of snow) from which, with a high altitude stretch, you reaches the helicopter landing pad. The path now descends through some scree and moves eastwards to the bed of a stream covered in snow from an avalanche until late summer (here too the passage is made easy and safe by some chains). With a long stretch halfway up and down the hill, you go around the head of the Elvo Valley, among pastures that are administratively part of the distant municipality of Pollone, thus reaching below the Bocchetta del Lago 2026 m, to which you quickly ascend: 1.45 hours. From the Bocchetta del Lago you overlook the Oropa Valley and Lake Mucrone, located a hundred meters below the hill. You quickly descend to Lake Mucrone 1902 m, a typical glacial cirque lake, and then to the winter resort of Oropa Sport 1813 m, equipped with a hotel, restaurants, chair lifts and cable cars; 0.30 hours. Continue the descent passing by the Rosazza refuge and along an excellent mule track,

crossed by the procession of Fontainemore (coming from the Val di Gressoney), it descends to the ruins of Alpe della Pissa 1448 m. Along a cart track you lose further altitude, first keeping to the Oropa stream and crossing a beautiful beech forest. A final short stretch on an asphalt road finally leads to the Sanctuary of Oropa 1180 m; 1.15 hours and inside is the stopover.


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