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Refuge De Giorgio – Refuge Garelli

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

500 m

Dislivello in discesa

250 m

Tempo complessivo

2 h

In senso inverso

1.45 h

Rifugio Havis De Giorgio 1761 m – Porta Biecai 1998 m – Porta Sestera 2225 m – Rifugio Garelli

Another very restful short section that leads to the Marguareis, the highest mountain of the Ligurian Alps and the most important for mountaineering and caving.

Immediately behind the refuge, follow the G5 path which climbs westwards, cutting across the northern slopes of the Rocche Biecai to enter the small valley of the Rio Ciappa. After a small plateau you come out onto the mule track that comes from the Ellero valley floor, and which with steep hairpin bends (the Scalette) goes up to the Porta Biecal 1998 m notch, overlooking the basin of the lake of the same name, sometimes dry in the height of summer. You descend slightly to skirt the lake on the north side, and go up towards the left. (north) until reaching a marked valley groove, shortly before which the path forks: to the left. go up to Colle del Pas and on the right (G6) continue towards the Garelli refuge. By making a diversion towards Colle del Pas, you can reach the Rataira lake in half an hour, where a small menhir stands which is thought to be connected to ancient, perhaps Celtic, cults. From here you can directly reach Porta Sestrera along a well-marked path that passes under the long barrier of the Rastelli di Marguareis. Having taken the G6 path, go up the orographic left of the valley mentioned previously, initially steep and then on a more open slope, towards the obvious saddle of Porta Sestrera 2225 or Passo di Lapassè; 1.30 hours. It is on the watershed between Ellero and Pesio. The mule track, now signed H8, descends on the opposite side over pasture cliffs, heads towards the left passing a small valley, crosses a moraine area with large boulders and descends towards Pian del Lupo where the pointed construction of the Garelli refuge 1990 m stands out; 0.30 hours. You find yourself right in front of the northern walls of Marguareis, crossed by the well-known gullies, which offer a suggestive view.

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