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Refuge Migliorero – Refuge Prati del Vallone

Tipologia percorso



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Dislivello in salita

620 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.000 m

Tempo complessivo

4.30 h

In senso inverso

5.30 h

Rifugio Migliorero 2100 m – Passo di Rostagno 2536 m – Passo sottano di Scolettas 2223 m – Prati del Vallone 1712 m

Stage with modest uphill difference in altitude, in a typically mountainous environment of severe beauty. Rich flora and fauna (marmots and chamois). A visit to the genepi cultivations in Prati del Vallone is interesting.

From Refuge Migliorero 2100 m you retrace your steps in the direction of the lakes, wade between the two lakes, then go around the lower mirror and reach the start of the path (P27) which goes up the thin stony pastures, leaving on the right one of the “bunkers” that blocked the Ischiator valley. At the narrowest point of the valley we find the water intake of the refuge (last refueling before the hill); after this point the path becomes less steep and in about 1.30 hours you reach the Rostagno pass 2536 m after a last series of short zig-zags.

Once over the hill, the path (again P 27) makes a few short bends then gets lost (often until late summer) in a patch of snow and between vast rocks. About a hundred meters further down it becomes easier and immediately after becomes a mule track that crosses the grassy valley floor of the Bassa di Schiantalà roughly following the path of the stream. At an altitude of 2283 m the mule track continues on the right while a less obvious path descends among the rocks towards the Zanotti refuge 2200 m (usually closed). A little further downstream the mule track and the path join together again and a little further on they connect to the military road coming from Pietraporzio just upstream from Gias del Piz 2042 m; 1.00 hour.

Following the comfortable military road you then take a long traverse under the Scolettas Pass which can be reached with some short hairpin bends, one of which is characteristic in a tunnel; 0.45 hours. On the pass there are ruins of military barracks; a little further downstream there are traces of an ancient mountain hut.

From Passo di Scolettas 2223 m, the mule track (P 30) descends for a good stretch among gentle grassy pastures, then with some hairpin bends it descends into the plateau of Grangia Scolettas 1979 m, and finally leads to a long series of hairpin bends which allow overcome the steep ridge up to the large plateau of Prati del Vallone 1712 m where the Prati del Vallone Refuge is located: 1.15 hours.

The locality is served by a dirt road leading from Pontebernardo. And you arrive at Prati del Vallone and the Refuge of the same name

An interesting visit to the experimental genepi cultivation fields, the small botanical garden and a taste of the invigorating liqueur is obviously necessary.