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Rifugio Selleries Usseaux – Usseaux

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

50 m

Dislivello in discesa

603 m

Tempo complessivo

4.30 ore

In senso inverso

6.15 ore

Rifugio Selleries 2035 m – Berg. Jouclard Puy m 1763 –Puy 1616 m – Pequerel m 1730 m -Montagne d’Usseaux m 1679 – Pian dell’Alpe m 1900 – Usseaux m 1432 m

A very panoramic downhill stage from the refuge with a view of the upper Val Chisone then after Prà Catinat, you reach Puy rebuilt in this place after 1706, the year in which the ancient village was destroyed by an avalanche, Pequerel was instead repaired and defended by an imposing wedge-shaped wall dating back to the 19th century, both villages represent an example, which has remained almost intact, of the typical housing structure of stable settlements in Val Chisone


Take the dirt road that ends at the refuge, pass the Bergerie del Jouglard and with a short climb you reach Saret del Campo. Here you leave the dirt road to take the path that climbs to the right towards Lake Chardonnet. After about 400 m, leave this path for the track on the left that descends and then follows the dirt road, keeping a little higher up. Then it rejoins the dirt road (it is an alternative to the road in the periods when the refuge is most frequent, otherwise you can follow the road). cross the provincial road for Colle delle Finestre in the clearings of Pra Catinat 2.15 hours, take the road to the right and after about 400 m take the gta path (mule track) to the left for Puy and Pequerel, trail sign 335, going downhill you reach the Puy (1616 m) 0.20 hours, go up to Pequerel (1730 m) 0.25 hours. From Pequerel a long traverse halfway up the slope then reduces to a path to reach the ridge that descends from the overhanging Serre Marie fort, the path from here is level among the larches and reaches a fountain with a basin at an altitude of 1770m, follow the slightly downhill path it goes north-west, among larches and pastures up to a plateau (former shelter for herds) and descends along a mule track that leads to the bridge over the Usseaux stream and to the mountain huts of Montagne di Usseaux (1679 m). The mule track continues at first not far from the stream, then along a ridge that dominates the recessed valley of the Usseaux stream, descending shortly to reach Usseaux (1432 m) 4.30 am Stopover Albergo La Placette


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