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S. Anna di Vinadio – Strepeis

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

350 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.380 m

Tempo complessivo

3.40 h

In senso inverso

4.50 h

S. Anna di Vinadio 2010 m – Passo di Bravaria 2311 m – Strepeis

An easy section, on stable land except for the last part before the Passo di Bravaria, interesting for the landscape and nature. Both the steep meadows on the side of S. Anna and those of Vallone Insciauda are of great botanical and faunistic interest.

The stretch from S. Anna to Passo di Bravaria presents no difficulties: the path is well marked, the altitude is not high, the difference in altitude is limited. Therefore, this stage is not demanding From the Sanctuary of San Anna, the trail sign P17 goes north, crossing halfway up the eastern flanks of Cima Tesina 2460 m and Testa Mouton 2521 m, the first stretch, just beyond the town, descends slightly to allow the crossing of a small stream , you then continue with irregular slopes, among sparse larches and lush vegetation until you reach, after a steep climb, a picturesque lake with thickly grassy banks at every step they make splashes, produced by a large number of frogs that live there and that dive into the lake from the grass on the banks to hide among the stones and muddy sand on the shore. After this lake and the Gias del Lausarot you go up a rocky bastion by going up steep hairpin bends, followed by another short descent, then the nature of the terrain slowly transforms into detritus, which becomes more pronounced as you reach the last steep bends. approaches the Bravaria Pass 2311 m; 1.40 hours. From this hill you have an excellent view of the entire Vallone d’Orgials and towards Colle della Lombarda, as well as the splendid ridge traveled the previous day; in front to the east you can see Punta Maladecia 2745 m, from behind the deep Insciauda valley which flows into Bagni di Vinadio and which you are now about to descend, in the background Monte Vaccia 2472 m. The descent takes place entirely following the P 16 trail sign, initially on vast and rich prairies, whose vegetation becomes more lush as you lose altitude, so there are numerous herds grazing. The path passes not far from the Capanna, then descends touching the very cool Insciauda fountain, diving shortly afterwards, on the orographic left, into a dense pine forest which further down also makes room for broad-leaved trees, mainly beech. We are now approaching the mouth of the valley, the stream becomes more impetuous, here and there among the woods some small clearings hide real natural gardens; brief glimpses in the vegetation allow you to observe the town of Bagni di Vinadio. A final short descent now on a dirt road leads to the valley floor right on the bed of the Corborant stream. At this point you do not cross the stream further downstream, but go up the orographic right for approximately 700 meters in length until in front of the town of Strepeis (Strepesi), where a bridge allows you to cross the watercourse and reach the comfortable stopping place Hotel Strepeis 1281 m; 2.00 hours.


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