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Fraction Berno, Venaus – Fraction Il Truc, Mompantero

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1.170 m

Tempo complessivo

3.20 h

In senso inverso

2.20 h

Frazione Berno, Venaus 558m San Giuseppe di Mompantero 540 m – Castagneretto 930 m Pietrabruna 1150 m – Le Grange – Il Truc 1706 m

A short section in a varied environment (a beautiful and large pine wood) that meets the road only once and leads to the Truc, a panoramic point of the Roccamelone.

From Frazione Berno, take the state road to Susa from the chapel of San Giuseppe di Mompantero (altitude 540 m) located near the bridge over the Cenischia, go up the short stretch of road that leads to the houses, and then follow the mule track that goes up to a woodland with a prevalence of oak and chestnut trees, quite shaded, and which from the clearings offers an increasingly wider view of the valley below. Largely paved or cut on rocky banks (sometimes mounded by the action of the ancient glacier), the mule track reaches the abandoned granges of Castagneretto 930 m, among the chestnut trees, and Pietrabruna 1035 m, then crosses the road at an altitude of 1175 m for the Truc near the bridge of the Pietra Bruna spring (cippo) and continues zigzagging in a pine forest initially mixed with broad-leaved trees. Once past the ruins of the Case Pian Berco 1249 m and then those of Case Molinetto 1352 m, the Scots pine tends to become exclusive and the forest takes on a suggestive beauty. Having approached a stream that flows in a small valley, the mule track makes a sharp turn to the right and with a crossing in the pine forest reaches the clearing of Case Praletto 1618 m. From these a path goes up a little, crosses a depression, emerges onto a dirt road and takes up a mule track which reaches the nearby numerous huts of Le Grange, the highest of which overlook the panoramic hill of Truc 1706 m where the stopover at the Truc Fraction Refuge; 3.40 hours.


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