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Three ways of reaching Valle di Susa

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Tra la Valle Po e la Valle Susa

In Balsiglia you reach the itinerary of the ring Massello-Bourset-Parco Orsiera Rocciavré. You therefore have several ways of reaching Valle di Susa, following the ring (itineraries A and B), or else along the basic itinerary (C).

A – Balsiglia – Perrero – Gran Faetto – Forno – Indiritto – Rifugio Gravio – A. Toglie – Susa (6 days)
It coincides with 6 sections of the ring and with the connection Toglie-Susa, that are described in the following pages.

B – Balsiglia – Usseaux – Pra Catinat – A.Toglie – Susa (3-4 days)
It consists in following in the opposite direction the sections of the ring: Usseaux-Balsiglia and Alpeggio di Toglie-Usseaux: this is not difficult if you use the correct marking and description, even though in the opposite direction, given in the chapter dedicated to the ring.

C -Balsiglia – Usseaux – Salbertrand – Susa (2-3 days)
This enables you to reach Valle di Susa in Salbertrand (hotel) and then walk the section Salbertrand-Susa.

Balsiglia 1370 m – Bergeria del Lauson 2000 m – Colle dell’Albergian 2713 m – Laux 1381 m – Usseaux 1416 m
A 7.15 hour section along a mule track; remember that the stopover of Val Chisone has been moved from Laux to Usseaux.

Usseaux 1416 m – Balboutet 1557 m – Cerogne 1740 m – Colle dell’Assietta 2472 m – Testa dell’Assietta 2566 m – Colletto quota 2490 – Montagne Seu 1771 m – Salbertrand 1032 m
A 7.30 hour section (8 hours in the opposite direction) that leads you between grassy terraces and larch woods to the gentle elevations covered with pastures of the Assietta; after a piece of military road, you descend into Val Susa, among the pastures, following the little road that leads down from the 2490 m pass to a little square (cattle stop). On the right side of it, a mule track begins and passes above the Selle stables before reaching a dirt road; after following it to the North for a few dozen meters you will descend along a mule track to the Montagne Seu and to Salbertrand through the Parco del Gran Bosco.

Salbertrand 1032 m – Moncellier – Eclause 1383 m – Combes 1227 m – San Colombano 1302 m – Cels 960 m – Ramà Sant’Antonio 980 m – Giaglione San Lorenzo 710 m – Santo Stefano 631 m Susa 495 m
A 5.45 hour section (6.30 in the opposite direction) that can be followed during many months of the year and is of significant cultural interest: with an itinerary along mule tracks and a few pieces of secondary road you will walk through the medium Valle di Susa at mid-mountain height, high above the state highway, and visit old villages with their typical architecture and disposition of the houses, untouched by new constructions.

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