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A short ring itinerary from Sambuco

Tipologia percorso



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Dislivello in salita

400 m

Dislivello in discesa

400 m

Tempo complessivo

2.40 h

In senso inverso

2.40 h

Sambuco 1184 m – Moriglione S. Lorenzo 1414 m – Pietraporzio 1200 m – Sambuco.

We suggest a short ring itinerary that can be followed on the day of your arrival in Sambuco, eventually also in the afternoon; you can take another beautiful walk that climbs up to Chiardoletta (S. Anna) 1,432 m, in about an hour.

Go west through the town of Sambuco and, just before the end of the town, take the mule track (via Moriglione) which passes above the last houses and heads north-west uphill through the meadows. Through a modest stream the paved mule track continues halfway up the slope with a more moderate slope, offering pleasant views of the town of Sambuco and the valley. We thus go around a ridge from which the sunken valley of the Rio Bianco appears and, beyond it, the characteristic village of Moriglione S. Lorenzo (windmill) overlooking the valley, on the limit between the pastures and the steep slopes which fall towards the Rio Bianco; below you can see an irrigation canal cut into the rock at times. The mule track now goes on level ground, to surround the valley: thus you get closer to the Rio Bianco, which you cross over a small bridge, to reach Moriglione di Fondo 1400 m. The path continues on flat ground and reaches Moriglione San Lorenzo 1414 m, located in a more favorable position, but now inhabited only during the summer; 1.00 hour. The village offers a wide panorama of the Stura Valley, and among the hills you can see Monte Matto (south-east) and Becco Alto d’Ischiator (south). From Moriglione S. Lorenzo, you can reach the coniferous forest that extends on the slopes of Mount Arpet by following, uphill, the cart track that touches the town. From Moriglione go down the carriage road that leads to the S.S. 21, beyond which there is Pietraporzio 1246 m, a large village located at the mouth of the Piz valley; 0.30 hours. Once you have crossed the Stura, go along the carriage road that goes up the Piz valley for a short stretch, keeping to the orographic left of the stream, up to a crossroads: 0.10 hours. If you want, you can continue along the track that leads between the larches, in 0.45 hours, to the great Piano della Regina 1557 m, which offers wonderful blooms and is surrounded by steep wooded slopes.

At the crossroads, take the military road that goes east, crosses the stream and continues high halfway up the orographic right. of the main valley. You thus cross a splendid silver fir forest and come in sight of Sambuco. Leave the high road to take the one that descends steeply towards the Stura and crosses it; thus arriving at the S.S. 21 you have the asphalt road in front of you which, passing next to the cemetery (church of S. Giuliano, 13th century) immediately goes up to Sambuco; 1.00 hour.

Sambuco is located a little away from the state road and the Stura, on the soft meadow slopes at the foot of the dolomite walls of Monte Bersaio, and faces the dense fir forest of Monte Vaccia. In addition to a walk in the capital (fountains, sundials, some houses with thatched roofs), it is advisable to reach the other two villages, located a little lower: Clausio 1147 m which preserves the clearly visible bell tower of S. Bartolomeo, of the 14th century, and Villa 1131 m, located beyond the Rio della Madonna.





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