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Varzo – Alpe Veglia

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1762 m

Dislivello in discesa

6.50 m

Tempo complessivo

7.30 hours

In senso inverso

6.50 hours

Varzo 564 m – Chiesa di Trasquera 1040 m – Trasquera 1143 – Ponte del Diavolo 1128 m – Bugliaga 1314m – Cà Bianca 1403 m – Alpe Casalavera 1549 m – Alpe Orzalina 1690 m – Alpe Ciusur 1860 m – Alpe Ciampalbino 1915 m – Passo delle Possette 2179 m – Alpe le Balmelle 2067 m – Alpe Stalletto 1647 m – Alpe Vallè 1792 m – Alpe Veglia Rifugio Città di Arona 1770 metri

This stage is also long and tiring, but there is the possibility of taking the bus to San Domenico di Varzo Ponte Campo (1319 m), in the first part from Varzo to Trasquera you cross the spectacular Ponte del Diavolo, after the route alternates using the paved road up to Bugliaga, then continue continuing on beautiful paths, around the 4000m Weissmies, Lagginhorn and Fletschhorn stand out, it is necessary not to underestimate the section equipped with chains on the “di Scinc” path there are exposed sections on ledges, to be tackled only in good weather, suitable for experienced hikers. Alternatively, from Alpe Vallè it is advisable to take the road to Ponte Campo and then divert to Alpe Veglia.

From the Hotel Sempione, take Via Sempione and the Sempione state road and reach Ponte Boldrini, follow the signs for the Brôcc mule track that leads to Trasquera, follow the paved road, pass under the railway, then enter the wood after several hairpin bends, pass two votive chapels, the crossroads for Crobello and you go towards the conduits of the hydroelectric plant which you pass over the bridges. A della monte conduct you arrive at the church of Trasquera (1040 m) at 1.15. Cross the road going upstream of it and pass near a small church, continue and return to the road always following the red and white signs that lead towards the town hall and the main square of Trasquera (1143 m). Leave the road and walk a few meters and enter the wood passing by a small church. Return to the road and pass some houses. Continue on the road, pass the Devil’s Bridge (1128m), finally arriving at the hamlet of Bugliaga (1314m). ) 1.00 hours. From Piazza di Bugliaga continue on the paved road until you reach a crossroads, ignore the indications for Alpe Vallescia, follow the F42 signs, take a dirt road passing some houses and reach a small inhabited center Cà Bianca (1403 m) the road continues in the meadows making a wide curve to the left continuing in the wood, you arrive at a crossroads ignoring the signs for Alpe Vallescia, continue to the right and after the wood you reach the steep meadows below Alpe Casalavera (1549 m), past the Alpe you enter the larch wood, you reach a meadow with ruins, the path continues in the wood, after a bend to the left you arrive on the meadows of Alpe Orzalina (1690 m) and you reach Alpe Ciusur ( 1860 m) you enter a wood with narrow hairpin bends, exit onto a meadow and arrive at Alpe Ciampalbino (1915 m), continue to the left, you reach an area of large boulders, the path turns right passing at the foot of of rock going under the ridge, a few bends the ridge a trail sign indicates Alpe Veglia you arrive at Passo delle Possette (2179 m) 2.20 hours. The descent from the pass takes place on pastures, going down you cross the Alta via della Val Divedro and continue towards Alpe Le Balmelle (2067 m), after which you reach the dirt road which you can follow towards Alpe Stalletto (1847 m) and Alpe Vallè (1792) at 1.00, you can turn left from the road to take the shortcut, a mostly pleasant chain-equipped path, with a steep and somewhat treacherous section around a rocky outcrop (be very careful when it rains). The alternative is to stay on the road that descends for a few hundred meters to Ponte Campo (1319 m) and then goes up again to meet the path. Continue along the now steeply uphill mountain road, with some spectacular gorges. After a while the road levels out and you reach the upper valley where Alpe Veglia is located. Follow the signs keeping to the right to reach Alpe Veglia and the Città di Arona refuge (1770 m) at 7.30 am.



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