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Villanova – Fraction Malzat di Prali

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1.300 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.070 m

Tempo complessivo

7 h

In senso inverso

6.45 h

Villanova 1223 m – Colletto delle Faure 2110 m – Bergerie Giulian 2097 m – Colle Giulian 2451 m – Miande Selle 1703 m – Fraction Malzat di Prali 1475 m

It is advisable to set off early because the ascent from Villanova crosses open land which is very panoramic but sun-drenched. From Colle Giulian it is possible to reach the Rifugio Lago Verde.

After leaving the town of Villanova, cross the bridge over the Pissai stream and then take the carriage road on the left. Follow it for about 600 metres, until the hairpin bend. Here you take the path that goes up to Garau and then reaches the mule track which, having crossed the Garavaudan stream, leads to the La Cassa hut, located under large rocks that protect it from avalanches, and goes up to Culubrusa, a beautiful hut located on the edge of a large lawn. The mule track then heads towards the ridge and then goes up it in a northerly direction. A little further upstream you come across the ruins of a military barrack and the beautiful mule track coming from Eyssard. Follow the mule track which, with a regular and therefore not tiring route, goes up to a grassy saddle at an altitude of 1658 m (small house) and to the huts of Le Randulire 1734 m. As you climb the numerous hairpin bends, the route, now more tiring, becomes interesting both for the wide view of the Pellice Valley and for the rich flowering. Thus you reach the Colletta delle Faure 2110 m; 2.30 hours. From here there is a beautiful view of Viso, Meidassa, Granero and the entire Conca del Prà; to the north you can clearly see the wide saddle of Colle Giulian.


From Colletta delle Faure, leaving the mule track (EPT 122) on the left that leads to the hill and Alpe Bancet, take the mule track (EPT 123) which descends for a few meters on the opposite side, into the Cruel or Giulian valley and crosses some steep gullies that descend from the steep slopes of La Bruna (in the event of heavy winter snowfall these gullies may still be difficult to navigate at the beginning of July due to the frozen snow). With a long flat diagonal you go towards the Bergerie Giulian 2097 m, nestled between large boulders scattered in the center of a vast pasture area. Once you reach the bergeria, take the path (EPT 125) which goes over the grassy hills dotted with formworks, crosses the Mait di Giulian plateau and reaches Colle Giulian 2451 m via a steep slope; 1.50 hours.

Here begins, on the southern side, the mule track that leads to the Bard Pass and the Lago Verde Refuge (see alternative route).

From the hill you descend (path EPT 207) decidedly on the side of Val Germanasca (be careful not to take the mule track on the right which, through the Clapou valley and the Costa Belvedere, leads to the Tredici Laghi), crossing an easy cliff and continuing along the valley first among low bushes, then among sparse larches (some beautiful specimens of stone pine), until meeting the mule track coming from the Miniere valley and the Ponte del Rio 1729 m; 1.30 hours. Now the mule track becomes carriageable and successively crosses the Miande Selle 1703 m, Feagliera 1668 m, Alberge 1626 m and Rabbiere 1568 m, then with two hairpin bends it descends and reaches the asphalt road in front of the town of Giordano 1490 m. Continue towards the valley, passing the Tredici Laghi chairlift square, continue on the road and you arrive at the Hotel Alpi Miramonti stopover on the right, Fraction Malzat 1475 m, Prali; 1.10 hours.