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Zwischbergen, Bord – Gondo

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

0 m

Dislivello in discesa

594 m

Tempo complessivo

1.30 hours

In senso inverso

2.30 hours

Zwischbergen-Bord 1359 m – Gondo 855 m

Short but very useful transfer stage to face the more demanding route Gondo – Alpe Veglia, there is the possibility of using the bus that leaves from Bord to Gondo: /publicar/zwischbergen

From Bord past the Sera reservoir, go through a tunnel, arrive at a wooden bridge for Pianeza houses (1238 m), take the mule track (connecting Zwischbergen-Gondo) it passes between the road on the left and the Grosses Wasser river turn right and you come to Hof (1033 m) where the ruins of the foundry of the gold mines are found, you arrive at a playground, take the road and you arrive in Gondo (855 m) 1.30 hours

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