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Refuge Mont Viso, municipality of Ristolas (France)

Refuge Mont Viso, municipality of Ristolas (France)

Refuge Mont Viso
Manager: Guillame Bailly
Tel: +33 04 92468181

Radio connection with the refuges Gagliardone, Jervis, Granero and Lago Verde

Les coordonnées: 44° 42' 01.87" N - 7° 03' 05.70" E

The Queyras is a French region situated in the department of the Hautes Alpes. In the territory of the Queyras Natural Park in which the stopover is located Refuge Mont Viso 2.460 m, municipality of Ristolas (France).


From June to September and from end of March to May 1st upon request

posti letto


locale invernale



Locale cucina o servizio ristorante


Tartiflette (with local cheeses), lamb tajine, boeuf bourguignon

Come arrivare

R.N. 547 from Guillestre to Abrès (31 km), junction to Ristolas, la Monta l'Echalp; parking at La roche Ecroulée. Distance on foot 2.30 hours.


At Abriès

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