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Refuge Coda, Municipality of Pollone

Refuge Coda, Municipality of Pollone

Manager: Laura Chiappo
Tel: +39 0 152 562405; +39 0 15 2593812
Mobile: +39 370 3266366
Facebook: Rifugio Coda

Coordinates: 45° 37' 28.45" N - 7° 53' 55.84 E

Valle Oropa is a small valley, abounding in water, that takes its name from the river of the same name that flows through it. Entirely included in the province of Biella, in this valley is located the stopover Rifugio Coda 2.280 m, municipality of Pollone.


On weekends from June 1 to September 28; every day from July 10 to September 5

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locale invernale



Provides packed lunches


Polenta concia (polenta with cheese)

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GTA trail from Trovinasse or from Oropa

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