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Alpe Cheggio – Rifugio San Bernardo

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1450 m

Dislivello in discesa

753 m

Tempo complessivo

7.00 hours

In senso inverso

6.30 hours

Alpe Cheggio 1488 m – Alpe Bisi 1626 m – Alpe Teste Superiore 2001 m 2001 m – Alpe della Preia 2083 m – Passo della Preia 2327 m –  Bivacco Marigonda 1823 m – Alpe Oriaccia 1661 m  – San Bernardo 1628 m

Challenging mountain route connects the Antrona Valley with the Bognanco Valley, the departure from Alpe Cheggio, always uphill you arrive at the Preia Pass and then descend with continuous ups and downs to San Bernardo, suggestive views over the Ossola Valley and Val Vigezzo

From the stage post, you can reach the parking lot in a few minutes. From near the Alpe dei Cavalli lake dam, the path leads to the right, first onto open ground and then into the larch wood as far as Alpe Bisi (1626 m). the Pizzo d’Andolla (3656 m) and the southern slope of the Weissmies (4023 m) stand out, you pass steep gullies overlooking the artificial basin, you arrive at a first crossroads for Alpe Pasquale at an altitude of 1725, beyond the crossroads a ridge and pass an exposed rocky stretch and enter the Vallone Pasquale, ford the stream continuing halfway up the opposite side and you reach a large plateau with some ruins, ignore the detour downhill towards Alpe Gabbio’ instead proceed in the steep larch wood with some narrow hairpin bends and exit to the left onto open ground above the remains of an old house (1850 m). The path climbs up a slope facing west among shrubs, rhododendrons, alders and larches arriving near Alpe Teste Superiore (2001 m), but it cannot be reached, the path bends to the left, at the base of some rocks, you reach the Rio Carnera, cross it and arrive at Alpe della Preia (2083 m) at 2.10. You pass next to the houses and reach those further to the left and you meet the path coming from the Andolla refuge, with a wide curve you go up the steep grassy slopes, at the foot of grassy jumps and rocks to the left. With diagonals you face a grassy shoulder and on the top you arrive at a plateau beyond which you reach the vertical line of Passo Preia (2327 m) at 3.00 am where you arrive quickly, cross the path of Simplon Fletschorn Trekking (SFT) in arrival from Passo Busin, continue and overlap the SFT and descend to Alpe Preia (2044 m). After a downhill stretch you continue very clearly on the flat cutting steep slopes up to the top of a ridge in view of the Alpe Campo basin (1895 m), in a short downhill stretch you pass two streams and you reach the ‘Alpeggio 1.20 hours, the path proceeds after the houses in the pasture, cross a stream and reach a first crossroads (1885 m) for the Alpe il Laghetto Refuge, climb slightly near a cross and then a long stretch begins halfway up the pass a passage overlooking the Bognanco Valley and always cutting through steep pastures you arrive at the Bivacco Marigonda at Alpe Vallaro (1823 m), after the basin you arrive at a promontory where a cross and some tombstones stand and you descend to the edge of the larch wood, inside which you reach Alpe Oriaccia (1661 m) at 1.40 . From the houses you go down some steps with large blocks towards the Oriaccia stream, you pass it (1615 m) and you go towards the opposite slope covered by thick vegetation. Afterwards you come to a crossroads for Pizzanco, ignore it, proceed to the left with some ups and downs in the spruce forest you reach a second crossroads for Gomba, continue maintaining the same altitude, passing short ups and downs in the woods, you go around the southern slopes of Monte Dente ( 1999 m), you come to a crossroads at an altitude of 1645 m and follow a detour to Granigra for a few metres. Follow the signs for San Bernardo, go down into the beech forest and out of the forest you cross meadows bordered by dry stone walls, after a house you pass another detour to the right for Granigra and continue along the forest track that leads to a fountain above a group of houses, after a short uphill stretch, the road descends to the paved road near the San Bernardo Oratory and after the equipped area you arrive at the San Bernardo Refuge (1628 m) 7.00 am

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