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Bobbio Pellice – Villanova

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

500 m

Dislivello in discesa

30 m

Tempo complessivo

3 h

In senso inverso

2.30 h

Bobbio Pellice 753 m – Lauset 986 m – Rostagni 963 m – Villanova 1223 m

From Bobbio Pellice you reach the GTA trail in Villanova, along a beautiful shaded mule path that is almost always paved, touches the small hamlets opposite Val Pellice and offers a nice view over the villages of the Indiritto.


From Bobbio Pellice you reach the GTA route in Villanova, on a pleasant and shady mule track that is almost always paved, which passes through the small villages on the opposite side of Val Pellice and which offers a good view of the villages of the Indiritto area.

Follow the provincial road for 700 m, up to a bridge on the left that crosses the Rio Cruel near an embankment called the “Cromwell dam”. Cross the Pellice on a wooden bridge and on a dirt road, leaving Payant on the right, you crosses the village of Laus (beautiful stone fountain). Here the mule track begins which goes up a small wooded valley (chestnut trees), having a steep rocky ridge on the right, until it comes out near a crossroads (fountain); then it continues on level ground with a view of the Bric Bariont among meadows, chestnut trees, some beech trees and some isolated huts, it touches the Pirounet fountain and crosses the Crosa river.You go up between small debris valleys and formworks topped by young larches towards a rocky wall which you follow on the left; Thus you reach the Lauset saddle, 986 m, a characteristic plateau with huts from which you dominate the valley, with a wide panorama of the villages at the bottom of the valley and the upper valley towards which you are heading.

From Lauset take the carriage track that connects to the road that you follow to the left. for Villanova,

Before the bridge over the Pellice (which flows through a narrow gorge here), take the mule track that goes up to the left among the last chestnut trees and meadows until reaching the Selletta forest road. If not

it travels a short distance and then takes the mule track again, which crosses the Biava river and a copse of maples, ash and birch trees; at the second group of huts you come across, go down to the bridge over the Pellice. The area has been completely transformed by the works to capture the waters of the stream, which began via a large pipeline to the new hydroelectric power station.

Once you reach the asphalt road, follow it until the hairpin bend (6 km), then take the shortcut that runs alongside the rock that bars the valley: Villanova rises above it at 1223 m, which you can reach quickly; 3.00 hours.




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