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Carnino – Rifugio De Giorgio

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

800 m

Dislivello in discesa

400 m

Tempo complessivo

3.45 ore

In senso inverso

3 ore

Carnino 1392 m – Passo delle Saline 2174 m – Rifugio Havis De Giorgio 1761 m

A short section that leads you along the path of one of the most ancient salt routes, already used in pre-Roman days and then repaired by the Romans; the product used to be brought from the sea into the Monregalese region, and from there to more distant destinations. From the upper Val Tanaro you pass into Valle Ellero through high pastures on calcareous soil, still well frequented by herds on the slope of the Ellero. Here, in the Gruppetti area, you can already admire a first example of tortured karst morphology.

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