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Gondo – Alpe Veglia

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1380 m

Dislivello in discesa

495 m

Tempo complessivo

7.40 hours

In senso inverso


Gondo 855 m – Alpe Brusciata 1358 m – Alpe Presa Cima 1601 m – Alpe Convetsch 2024 m  – Alpe Alpierung 2068 m –Alpe Vallescia 2052 m – Alpe Camoscella 2111 m – Passo Gialit 2225 m – Alpe Pianezzono 2141 m – Alpe Balmelle 2067 m –Alpe Stalletto 1647 m – Alpe Valle 1792 m – Alpe Veglia 1770 m

Difficult stage when you reach Alpe Convetsch it was restructured in an authentic way in 2002, managed by an association, the buildings were transformed into lodgings ( continuing around the 4000 towering Lo Weissmies, Lagginhorn and Fletschhorn, it is necessary do not underestimate the equipped section on the “di Scinc” path there are exposed sections on ledges, to be tackled only in good weather, suitable for expert hikers. Alternatively, from Alpe Vallè it is advisable to take the road to Ponte Campo.

Vom Rifugio San Bernardo, kurz nachdem Sie den Wald betreten haben, durchqueren Sie ein klares Torfmoor, um den Ragozza-See und das schöne Rifugio Gattascosa und den Monscera-Pass (Sie betreten die Schweiz für anderthalb Tage) zu erreichen. Sehr panoramisch befinden wir uns vor dem Fletschhorn Triptychon, Lagginhorn und Weissmeis, Monte Leone ist auch sichtbar, beim Abstieg nimmt man den Weg zwischen Wiesen und TannenwäldernFrom Gondo (855 m) follow the road towards the pass; passing the path on the right of the road near the last petrol station. Continue for a while until you reach a trail sign for Alpe Corwetsch. The path climbs rather steeply, through various abandoned pastures, Alpe Brusciata (1358 m) and Presa, until it reaches Alpe Presa Cima (1601 m), where one must pay attention to turn right, continuing uphill towards Alpe Corwetsch the panoramas they gradually improve and the trail is steep, but pleasant. Near the top is a short, steeper section that may require some climbing. After a last abandoned pasture, you can see between the trees and Alpe di Corwetsch (2024 m) 3.45 hours, turn right towards Alpe Alpjerung (2068 m). Continue to Alpe Vallescia (2052 m), where you go left for Alpe Camosscella (2111 m) and arrive at Passo del Gialit (2225 m) at 1.30. From the pass you go down again, towards Alpe Pianezzoni (2141 m) and Alpe Le Balmelle (2067 m), after which you reach the dirt road which you can follow towards Alpe Stalletto (1647 m) and Alpe Vallè (1792) hours 1.00, you can turn left from the road to take the shortcut, a mostly pleasant path, with a steep and somewhat treacherous stretch around a rocky outcrop. The alternative is to stay on the road that goes down for a few hundred meters and then goes up again to meet the path. Continue along the now steeply uphill mountain road, with some spectacular gorges. After a while the road levels out and you reach the upper valley where Alpe Veglia is located. Follow the signs keeping to the right to reach the Città di Arona refuge (1770 m) at 8.15 am.

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