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Locality Gurva, Molini di Calasca – Alpe Colma

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1089 m

Dislivello in discesa

0 m

Tempo complessivo

3.20 hours

In senso inverso

2.40 hours

Località  Gurva  471 m –Molini  518 m  – Porcareccia 602 m – Crotto 648 –  Olino 845 m– Alpe La Barca 1150 m  – Alpe Prer  1326 m – Alpe Aloro 1565 – Rifugio Alpe Colma 1559 m

Before leaving, a visit to the Madonna della Gurva Sanctuary near the Posto Tappa is recommended, take a stretch of the “Stra Granda” mule track that runs through the entire Anzasca Valley, climb up through small meadows and woods and pastures, you arrive at the refuge. the panorama of the whole Antrona Valley

From the Locanda del Tiglio Località Gurva Frazione Molini di Calasca, take the state road up to near the pharmacy, there are clear indications that lead upstream of the town, at the end it turns into a mule track, once you reach the paved road you pass two hairpin bends and you arrive at Porcareccia (602 m), cross the hamlet and take the paved road again to reach Crotto (648 m), the signs lead to some stairways and you cross the consortium road that leads up to Olino, following the trail signs you cross the woods above the village you cross the road, follow it up to a hairpin bend, take a left, take the mule track after another crossing of the road, continue entering the wood, pass a small chapel and arrive at the hamlet of Olino (842 m) at 1.30. Go through the hamlet and past a group of houses at the end of the consortium road (illustrative panel) (880 m) take the path that goes up the beech wood, you come to a crossroads take for Alpe Prer you pass a stretch of wood and some ruins , you reach a large clearing, there is an Alpe la Barca hut (1150 m) , the path bends to the left and reaches the meadows before a building under a rock, after crossing a vast meadow you reach a small church continue west you meet the signs for the Rifugio della Colma, going up you pass next to Alpe Prer (1326 m), you reach other houses where the path enters the fir and beech wood and you find the mule track and go up on regular hairpin bends up to ad signpost near a characteristic beech tree, continue on the flat to the right, you reach Alpe Aloro (1565 m) and the Rifugio della Colma 3.20 hours.

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