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Refuge Chionea – Refuge Quarzina

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

401 m.

Dislivello in discesa

231 m.

Tempo complessivo

3.50 hours

In senso inverso

3.30 hours

Rifugio Chionea  1114 m – Frazione Porcirette Sottane 1094 – m-Frazione Chioraira 1097 m – Case di Stalle Colletto 1312 m –La Colma 1515 m – Rifugio Quarzina 1339 m

A 12.00 km long route that passes through the hamlets and fruit chestnut groves, approximately two-thirds of the way along, it is possible with a short digression to visit the Chapel of San Giovanni Battista and the small Lake of Lao. The chapel, clearly visible, is 100 meters from the road, 0.15 hours

From Refuge Chionea 1114 m you go up towards the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Take the asphalt road that goes down to the left of the church, when you leave the town it becomes a dirt road; at the first crossroads, follow the mule track on the right until you reach the hamlet of Porcirette Sottane 1094 m. Cross the village and continue along the mule track, among the chestnut groves, and you arrive near the church of Case Rian. Before the church, turn left, cross the village, go down to cross the Rio Chiapino, and go back up to the opposite side. And take the mule track, flat, to the left; you reach an asphalt road and always on the left you arrive at the hamlet of Chioraira 1097 m, 0.50 hours. At the houses, take a dirt track on the right which, in about a hundred metres, joins the dirt road (also coming from Chioraira) heading to La Colma. The dirt road rises on hairpin bends: it passes the Rizzi hamlet, the La Costa hamlet, and ends at the houses of Stalle Colletto 1312 m. Just beyond the houses, take the grassy mule track on the left and after a stretch in the woods, turn right onto a path. You pass a small stream and enter the dirt road that goes up from Aimoni. Follow the dirt road to the right and almost immediately reach the wide ridge of La Colma 1515 m, 2.10 hours from Chioraira). Crossing La Colma, take a dirt track where there is a signpost (south-east direction) and at the next crossroads keep right. Once you reach the edge of the wide pasture ridge, the track begins to descend. You reach the wider dirt track coming from Aimoni, cross it to continue along an old mule track bordered by dry stone walls. At a small building you come across the dirt road from Aimoni again. Follow it slightly downhill for about a hundred metres, then taking the old mule track which branches off to the left of the road. On a bumpy surface and at times overgrown with shrubs, you quickly descend to the Case Brignacchi. Between the houses there is an asphalt road, which you follow downhill to the right. At the first bend, keep left, continuing the descent to the hamlet of Quarzina 1326 m.The Quarzina refuge 1339 m, 0.50 hours from La Colma

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