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Reguge Margaroli – Hut Corno Gries

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1081 m

Dislivello in discesa

949 m

Tempo complessivo

6.15 hours

In senso inverso

5.30 hours

Rifugio Margaroli 2196 m – Passo Nefelgiù  2583 m – Alpe Nefelgiù 2049 m – Lago Morasco 1826 m – Alpe  Bettelmat 2098 m – Passo Gries 2479 m – Passo del Corno 2520 – Capanna Corno Gries 2338 m

From Lake Vannino the path climbs up to Passo Nefelgiù, go along the Vallone and reach Lake Morasco, overlooking the panorama of Val Formazza, go along the Vallone di Morasco reaching Alpe Bettelmat which gives its name to the famous typical cheese produced in this locality, after passing Passo Gries you enter Switzerland again, you are attracted by Lake Gries and the glacier that forms it, you reach Passo del Corno on the right the small lake and in the valley of the same name you reach the Refuge.

From the Refuge take the steep path to the left of the valley, you will find a short exposed passage across the bed of the tiring stream you reach Passo Nefelgiù (2583 m) 1.30 hours, go down the Vallone di Nefelgiù on the left among debris, blocks of stones , the path becomes narrow and you arrive at Alpe Nefelgiù (2049), it is advisable to go down the track, it is the easiest route that leads to Lake Morasco (1826 m) 1.30 hours, cross the dam and slightly to the left you enter in the Vallone di Morasco, take the path which, with some sections still paved, leads to the splendid plateau of Bettelmatt and you arrive at the pasture (2098m). A rather steep path leads to Passo del Gries (2479m). An extraordinary view opens up from the vent: the lake, the glacier that develops from the Blinnenhorn, take the path on the right in the Vallone del Corno and you reach the pass of the same name (2520 m) 2.30 hours go down to the left of the morainic lake and you reach the Capanna Corno Gries (2338) at 6.30

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