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San Magno Fraction Chiappi – Sambuco

Tipologia percorso



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Dislivello in salita

750 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.330 m

Tempo complessivo

5.45 h

In senso inverso

6.30c h

San Magno 1761 m – Colletto 2511 m – Colle di Valcavera 2416 m – Sambuco 1184 m

From Valle Grana you pass into Valle Stura di Demonte through the broad pastures of Fauniera, Bandla and Chiaffrea and then descend into the wild Vallone della Madonna that emerges in Sambuco.

From the Sanctuary of S. Magno you go up for less than 2 km along the military road to Colle di Valcavera, thus passing the Sibolet valley. Leave the road for a short stretch, touching the huts of Parvo 1958 m and take it again to cross the stream on a bridge, thus moving to the orographic right of the valley. The path cuts a wide bend in the road through wide meadows and continues halfway up the hill, dominated by the rocky ramparts of Parvo. The mule track now crosses the stream and goes up a ridge until it reaches Gias Fauniera 2191 m and some ruined barracks. Thus you cut some hairpin bends, going up to the Fauniera refuge, located near the Fonte Negra, where the Grana stream originates from quartzite rocks; crossing a gentle pasture area with various springs, you arrive at Colle del Vallonetto 2447 m, open between Val Grana and Vallone di Marmora. Now follow the military road southwards for a short stretch reaching Colletto di Fauniera 2511 m also known as Colle dei Morti or Passo del Mulo; 2.15 hours.

Just before the hill you can take a path on the right that leads to a chapel overlooking the hill, from which you can enjoy a good view of the Argentera Group and the surrounding mountains: Vallone dell’Arma to the south, Vallone Marmora) to the north-west and Val Grana to the north-east; the path descends towards the south and leads back to the road, shortly after the hill. After passing a short narrow passage, continue on the road that goes along the hillside towards the south-west; this stretch, not at all tiring, allows you to admire the stony Vallone del Morti and then the rich flora of the area. Once you reach Colle di Valcavera 2416 m, you overlook Val Chiaffrea; 0.30 hours.

Continue on the military road, passing a narrow passage between the rocks and, after a hairpin bend, abandoning it to descend among the pastures, following the numerous red signs; This leads to the plateau where the Gias Chiaffrea 2272 m rises, still in use. Continue through the pastures, halfway up the orographic left of the valley, arriving at the ruined Grangia Bastiera 2067 m. After cutting through a scree, the path descends towards the narrowest part of Val Chiaffrea and, passing alongside Gias Salé 1969 m, arrives at Gias delle Mure 1831 m, located on a grassy saddle between the streams that descend from Val Chiaffrea and Vallone of the Spanish: 1.30 hours.

You descend with some hairpin bends between large boulders and sparse larches, following the path that enters the narrow gorge. Below the stream roars in a deep gorge and a beautiful waterfall. With short bends among sparse specimens of Scots pine and some ups and downs, dominated on the right by the steep wall of the Rocce Bianche, you arrive at a slightly crumbling slope (possibility of admiring ammonites or other fossils). The mule track gradually lowers to run alongside the stream, until reaching a bridge where a cart track begins which you follow briefly up to Sambuco 1184 m; in the Central Square there is the Hotel della Pace stopover 1.30 hours.



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