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Refuge i’Arbergh, Fraction Palanfrè, Municipality of Vernante

Refuge i’Arbergh, Fraction Palanfrè, Municipality of Vernante

Manager: Silvana Giordano
Mobile: +39 . 349 327 0733



Valle Vermegnana is a valley of the Maritime Alps that is entirely contained within the territory of the province of Cuneo. The territory of the municipality of Vernante is a part of the Parco delle Alpi Marittime.

In this area is located the stopover Palanfrè 1379 m, municipality of Vernante.

Coordinates: 44°11' 42.32" N - 7° 29' 52.41" E 


All the year

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45 places in the inner hall and 40 on the veranda

accesso disabili

Handmade chicche di Palanfrè (potato gnocchi with wild spinach); handmade ravioli alla vernantina (ravioli with potato and leek filling); tagliatelle, gnocchi. Our pasta is homemade.

Bunet (chocolate pudding with amaretti), strudel, creme caramel. White bread, black bread, walnut bread and homemade focaccia bread

Come arrivare

Railway: Vernante
Car: from Cuneo, SS20 until Vernante, crossroads towards Palanfrè (turn right at the traffic lights and continue for 9 km)


In Vernante (9 km)
In Palanfrè (cheese outlet of the Isola company)

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