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Campello Monti – Alpe del Lago, Refuge Amedeo Pirozzini

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

880 m

Dislivello in discesa

840 m

Tempo complessivo

5.30 h

In senso inverso

5 h

Campello Monti 1305 m-Colle dell’Usciòlo di Ravinella 2037 m – Alpe del Lago (Val Segnara) Rifugio Amedeo Pirozzini 1545 m.

A medium-length section that can be completed until Molini di Calasca by adding an extra descent of about 3 hours. The central part of the itinerary crosses an area that has been completely abandoned by man, wild and beautiful.

From Campello Monti 1305 m you go diagonally up the coast of Monte Prevòr to the right. On the opposite side of the stream you can see some now abandoned nickel mining tunnels. After crossing the stream that descends from Ronda, you first climb to Alpe Cunetta below 1558 m, then through pastures to Cunetta above 1810 m. Then turning right and climbing the final steep slope you arrive at Colle dell’Usciolo di Ravinella 2037 m; 2.00 hours. Usciolo (small door). This pass opens between Punta dell’Usciolo 2187 m to the north, and Cima di Ravinella 2117 m to the south.

Going down, a little further down, Balma 1733 m appears, a characteristic and tiny mountain pasture sheltered by an overhanging wall, while in front, beyond the Ossola, the chains that make up the mountainous maze of the Valgrande delle Lepontine appear

Leaving the track that descends towards Balma on the right, continue diagonally to the left without losing altitude, then, slightly uphill towards a large grassy saddle that leads into the Rio Arsa valley, another minor (very little known) lateral valley of the Ossola which it joins that of Rio Porta above Rumianca. Halfway up the slope you reach Alpe Plan Lago 1743 m. do not get confused with the following Alpe del Lago).

After passing the huts, turn right, first on level ground, then left uphill to another comfortable saddle located on the ridge that joins Pizzo Camino 2148 m and Pizzo della Rossole 2249 m, not marked on the IGM map, and located on the Ronda-Usciolo chain.

From the Sella (the summit band of the Rosa peaks, part of the Mischabel of the Antrona Valley and Sempione mountains are visible) you descend into a characteristic valley dominated on the left by the imposing mass of the Ronda enlivened by a tiny lake. Then, turning right between conifers and rhododendrons with the stream embedded in a characteristic gorge, you arrive at Alpe del Lago 1545 m still used by mountaineers, where the refuge-bivouac,place Amedeo Pirozzini stopover place (unguarded); 3.30 hours.








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