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Ghigo di Prali – Villa di Rodoretto

Trail typology


Elevation gain

250 m

Elevation loss

270 m

Total time

2 h

In the opposite direction

2 h

Ghigo di Prali 1455 m – Costa di Galmont 1680 m circa – Villa di Rodoretto 1432 m

The itinerary from Cugno to the Poset and to Rotroretto is known locally as Lou vial di mouistre (the path of the Pastors) because in the past only one Pastor used to minister to the Waldensian churches of Prali and Rotroretto, and to pass from one area to the other he used to follow this path, that a Piedmontese military map from the beginning of the eighteenth century use to indicate as the Waldensian’s secret path.

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