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Fraction Malzat di Prali – Location Molino – Massello

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

525 m

Dislivello in discesa

930 m

Tempo complessivo

6.45 h

In senso inverso

6.40 h

Frazione Malzat Р1475 m -Ghigo di Prali 1455 m РCosta di Galmont 1680 m circa РVilla di Rodoretto 1432 m РColle di Serrevecchio 1707 m-Colletto delle Fontana 1572 m- Campo la Salza 1128 m Località Molino Massello 1131 m

The itinerary from Cugno to Poset and Rodoretto is locally known as Lou vial di mouistre (the shepherds’ path) since in the past a single shepherd took care of the Waldensian churches of Prali and Rodoretto and used, to go from one area to another, of this path which a Piedmontese military map from the beginning of the eighteenth century indicated as the secret path of the Valdesio. From Rodoretto the route is at low altitude, passable for many months of the year. Added to the variety of environments crossed in the valleys of Salza and Massello is the cultural interest, offered by the museums of Rodoretto (Prali) and Balsiglia (Massello) and by the numerous still inhabited villages that fit admirably into the surrounding environment.

From Malzat take the road to the Ghigo square, go north along a dirt road, cross the small bridge, and on the provincial road you reach the crossroads with the road on the left, which you follow, quickly climbing to Cugno 1485 m. At the wash house, take the path which is initially flat and then with numerous hairpin bends goes up into the thick broad-leaved forest and then continues with stretches halfway up the slope on steep terrain, alternating with short climbs, in a larch grove with rich undergrowth and small clearings with rich flowering (laburnum, lilies of the three best-known alpine species). You pass under the granges of lower Poset, 1665 m (source on the path) and reach the Costa di Galmont at approximately 1680 m; 1.45 hours

You now descend on the Rodoretto side, on a good path that winds through thick bushes, larches and silver firs, reaching the Galmont hut 1596 m (source). The mule track loses altitude on open land and meadows until it crosses the bridge over the Rio Dorato and briefly climbs up the opposite side on the road to reach Ciai and then Villa di Rodoretto 1432 m, the ancient capital of the municipality of the same name and now a fraction of the municipality of Prali ; 0.35 hours.

From the Villa di Rodoretto 1432 m you go up to the Bounous 1491 m, following the road that crosses a large comba, passes the village, becomes a mule track, crosses a second comba and then goes up the rocky ridge until reaching Serrevecchio 1560 m, a beautiful village nestled on a very airy saddle at the edge of the slopes that descend steeply onto the Germanasca. You then go up on a good path which initially has a flat and then steeper path (sparse lavender bushes, the tallest that grows in the valley, to be respected absolutely) and you reach Colle di Serrevecchio 1707 m, modest saddle on the long watershed between the Rodoretto and Salza valleys; 0.50 hours. To the east of the hill in a few minutes you go up to a beautiful panoramic point over the village of Fontane and the Val Germanasca.

From the hill you descend to the right, crossing the dense fir forest that covers the entire reverse side of the municipality of Salza and in a few minutes you reach the Colletto delle Fontane 1572 m, crossed by the carriage road that connects Didiero (capital of Salza), to large fraction of Fontane. Below the square there is a beautiful fountain.

Take the path again which branches off on the right of the embankment of the new road a few meters from the fountain and enters the thick vegetation (silver firs, larches, alders, raspberries) until it ends up in the meadow clearing near the Mianda 1433 m. From here the path, which becomes steeper and becomes a mule track, cuts across the bends of the carriage road (in some sections it is difficult to identify: follow the road if necessary), descends sharply into the comba and leaves the village of Meinier 1260 m on the left. Now continue on the carriage road (which has canceled the path here) and reach Didiero 1210 m, capital of the Municipality of Salza and seat of the town hall; 1.15 hours.

From Didiero, follow the asphalted provincial road towards the valley, passing the town of Milano 1180 m, the Savin farmhouses and then the large village of Campo la Salza 1128 m.

Once you reach the provincial road for Massello, follow it to the left, passing the bridge over the Germanasca and the houses of the Centrale. A little further on you will find the Stopover Hotel La Foresteria locality Molino 8 on your left Massello 1131 m 1.50 hours


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