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Pontebernardo – Chialvetta

Trail typology



Anello delle Valli Stura Maira e Varaita

Elevation gain

1.300 m

Elevation loss

1.120 m

Total time

7 h

In the opposite direction

9 h

Pontebernardo 1322 m – Servagno 1736 m – Passo di Rocca Brancia 2620 m – Passo della Gardetta 2437 m – Prato Ciorliero 1950 m – Chialvetta 1494 m

Even though the Pontebernardo-Chialvetta section, that constitutes the passage from Valle Stura to Valle Maira, is very long and with an important altitude gap, it is quite comfortable due to moderate slopes, and very pleasant because of the variety, the beauty and the interest of the places that it crosses.