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Refuge Malinvern – S. Anna di Vinadio

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1.050 m

Dislivello in discesa

841 m

Tempo complessivo

4.45 h

In senso inverso

4.15 h

Not a short, but very interesting excursion upstream from the Malinvern Refuge. The two lakes of Valletta are characteristic, one of which has a strange crescent shape, divided by a thin strip of land and reachable with a very short digression. the Colle d’Orgial offers excellent panoramas.

From the refuge, just below take the path signposted for gta San Anna Vinadio, you reach the Grange Segnasssa area (ruins) to the right you take to a wide ridge between large blocks and groups of larches, you reach it with a stretch halfway up to the left a grassy shoulder and descend into the Valletta valley (2168 m), briefly go up the bottom, pass a small lake and start climbing again after a modest drop you arrive just above Lago D’Orgials (2289 m), the the path passes on the orographic left of the lake, and you arrive below Colle d’Orgials (2600 m) which you reach after a few hairpin bends. From the Colle you descend into the Vallone of the same name, turning right and descending in a few hairpin bends, you meet the crossroads (2343 m) for Colle dei Morti, just before reaching the paved road (2270 m), follow it towards the pass avoiding the The last stretch through meadows with a more direct route takes you to Colle della Lombarda (2351 m). From the pass, take the dirt road at the base of the Testa dell’Adrech (2475 m) and reach the grassy border summit, at the first crossroads, follow the gta signs on the right, the route will follow the ridge until you reach the foot of the Cima Moravacciera (2407 m). With a short downhill stretch you arrive at the bottom of a small valley and continue between large boulders to look out over Lake Colle Sat’Anna (2159 m), the path joins the former military road which descends on an asphalted surface up to the Sanctuary of Sant ‘Anna of Vinadio (2010 m)


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