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Rimella – Campello Monti, Hotel Nigritella

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

750 m

Dislivello in discesa

620 m

Tempo complessivo

3.30 h

In senso inverso

3.15 h

Rimella 1176 m – Bocchetta di Campello 1924 m – Campello Monti 1305 m

A pleasant section with which you will conclude the crossing of the Valsesia, to reach the Valstrona, along the ancient path that used to connect the two Walser centres of Rimella and Campello Monti.

From the carriage road that reaches Rimella, continue up to the hamlet of Sella 1287 m, from where the mule track begins which bears the trail (sign 180): 0.20 hours

From the Sella Fraction the itinerary with a gentle climb passes through meadows in which ash trees and sporadic cherry trees grow, passes a small chapel at 1349 m, after which the road forks: the one on the right continues towards the hamlets of S. Gottardo and of S. Giorgio, while the mule track that bends to the left is the way to follow. The route after the crossroads has a short climb up to the Pietra della Posa dei Morti, to then continue with a limited slope, passing a chapel with a portico and two streams before reaching the Selletti alp 1447 m; 0.30 hours.

The route, following the curves of the various valley furrows, passes from the Wan 1470 Alps to Werch, leaves the path that leads to Monte Capio on the right, passes between poor pastures and some stone quarries from which highly laminated slabs are obtained: this material has been used in the past for the construction of many local houses and for roofs. Near the visible pass the mule track forks again: following the road on the left you go directly up to the Bocchetta dominated by a high wooden cross, while following the path that turns to the right you reach the Alpe after a hundred metres. Pianello 1801 m and from here to Bocchetta 1924 m, 1.30 hours.

A small cross has been erected on the Bocchetta. Splendid panorama of the Rosa and the Valsesian peaks. On the opposite side, the mountains at the head of the Strona Valley appear. To the south-east of the pass there is Monte Capio 2172 m, an elevation mentioned in mining literature, because in the past searches for nickel were carried out on its sides; to the north-west there is the tip of Pizzo and Blatte 2232 m. Both are located on the coast that divides the Rimella valley from that of Campello Monti.

From Bocchetta you first descend into a small valley up to Alpe Scarpia 1698 m. where a diagonal path heads towards the “Baitin del pastor” (small refuge-bivouac recently reactivated near the Capezzone lake). Leaving this path and the Scarpia huts on the left, you descend to Alpe del Vecchio 1465 m and, after crossing a small bridge, you reach Campello Monti, harmoniously nestled in a position safe from avalanches: and to the Stopover Hotel Nigritella 1.10 hours.



















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