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Refuge Val Vogna – Rima

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1.130 m

Dislivello in discesa

1.200 m

Tempo complessivo

6.45 h

In senso inverso

6.30 h

San Antonio di Val Vogna 1381 m – Riva Valdobbia 1212 m – Alagna 1191 m – Pedemonte 1246 m – Colle Mud 2324 m – Rima 1411 m

A pleasant section, first through the Walser hamlets of Val Vogna, then along the valley floor road between Riva, Alagna and Pedemonte, where several new buildings have appeared alongside the Walser houses. Finally the crossing, which is not too tiring, of the Colle Mud that leads to Riva through several mountain pastures.

The mule track that connects S. Antonio with Cà di Janzo has disappeared, the cause being the works to connect these two locations with a road. However, the new route passes through the hamlets of Cà Verno 1387 m, Cà Morca 1378 m and Cà Piacentino 1371 m, reaching Cà di Janzo 1354 m. with a pleasant route between Walser villages. From this location the road continues, passes under the Oratory of the Madonna della Pace and, with wide curves, reaches Riva Valdobbia 1212 m right at the vehicle parking area and the bus stop of the Varallo-Alagna line; 1.00 hour.

Going along another two kilometers of road you enter Alagna, cross it and after a few hundred meters a sign indicates the deviation, still on the road, which leads to the village of Pedemonte; 0.45 hours Leave this interesting Walser village on the right and staying to the left of the Mud stream you reach the foot of the Ronco hamlet where the mule track begins which for a short stretch is in common with itinerary 9 which goes up to the Bocchetta della Moanda 2422 m. The route to follow, which bears trail sign 8, crosses the Mud stream on a bridge and continues north-eastwards on a staircase which has been badly damaged by the waters of a stream which descends to the Mud. After passing a cliff, cross the stream between a ruin of boulders, to continue on a good path that develops on the rib that divides the stream from the stream. After a short time the signs bend to the left, almost halfway up the hill, to resume the original north-east direction and reach the farmhouses of Z’Isehus (Casa Ferro) 1627 m; 1.00 hour The itinerary continues, remaining partly on the rib and partly on the right side of the Mud stream to reach Alpe Mud at Qua 1887 m. Always keeping to the slope followed so far and crossing three streams, the route thus reaches Alpe Venghi 2042 m; 1.15 hours.

After passing this mountain pasture, you enter the head of the valley dominated by Monte Tagliaferro 2964 m and Corno Mud 2802 m. The path here winds through a landslide of rocks and passes between the ruins of two huts. After a short stretch, leave path 8a on the left which leads to Oubre Alpu (Alpe Mud above) 2264 m (two huts have recently been equipped here: one as a support point by the Varallo CAI, the other at Rifugio Ferioli ). The GTA path continues on meadow terrain and often on some avalanche remains, and almost immediately reaches Colle Mud 2324 m delimited by two cairns erected with stones, one on the Alagna side, the other on the Rima side. There is a hundred meters between one signal and another, as long as the width of the pass; 0.45 hours The route now enters Val Sermenza and develops on the southern side of the Corno Mud-Corno di Rima coast, having the Valmontasca stream on the right and the imposing north face of Monte Tagliaferro cut diagonally by the frame of the Hai-da Veg. The good mule track with trail sign 96 crosses the popular mountain pasture of Vorco 2075 m, and subsequently Alpe Valmontasca 1819 m; 1.00 hour. A house for the production of cheese in this locality has an elegant appearance, especially inside; on the left, not far away, but at a slightly higher altitude, a small white house stands out on a spur surrounded by larches, where the sculptor Dellavedova often stayed. The route now descends among the larches, meets branch 98 which leads to Passo del Vallarolo 2332 m, passes upstream above Villa Ragozzi and joins itinerary 91 (this mule track connects Rima with Colle del Piccolo Altare 2630 m) . You immediately reach the bridge that allows you to cross the Sermenza stream and enter the hamlet of Rima Municipality Alto Sermenza 1411 m; 1.00 hour and at Stopovergta Obru Matu









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