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Trinità – Refuge Ellena-Soria

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1.300 m

Dislivello in discesa

600 m

Tempo complessivo

6.40 h

In senso inverso

5.30 h

Trinità 1906 m – Tetti d’Ambrin 1173m – Tetti Jose 1248 m – Ponte delle Rovine 1000 m – San Giacomo 1213 m – Rifugio Ellena-Soria 1840 m

A section of very significant naturalistic interest which unfolds almost entirely within the perimeter of the Argentera Parc. In the higher part, beautiful panoramic viewpoints. Rich flora and fauna. To be signalled, the frequent presence of herds of chamois along part of the trail.

From the small square in front of the Trinità school 1096 m, follow the asphalt road passing between the small church dedicated to the SS. Trinità and the covered wash house. A few meters further on, you leave the asphalt road and, passing under an arch, you descend along the steep escarpment to cross the Bousset torrent 1030 m. Going slightly uphill you reach the cart track passing alongside the ruins of Tetti Barale 1042 m. Continue towards the Serrera of chestnut trees of clear glacial origin up to the top. Once you reach the summit you descend towards the valley on the Serrera deI Castagni coast. At a certain point you find a characteristic path with dry stone walls on the sides and you reach the hamlet of Tetti d’Ambrin 1173 m. After passing the hamlet, follow the path that leads to the hamlet of Tetti Jose 1248 m; 1.00 hour. After leaving the hamlet of Tetti Jose, go straight up towards an unnamed collar approximately 1500 m between meadows and beech forests. Once you reach the neck in the woods, follow diagonally and at a certain point you begin to glimpse Lago della Piastra and the dam. You reach a clearing, begin to descend along a clear stream directly towards the Gesso valley through the woods and arrive near the Ponte delle Ruvine at 1000 m; 2.00 hours. Continue on the orographic right of the stream along an obvious path used by fishermen to reach S. Giacomo 1213 m; 0.40 hours. From S. Giacomo, follow the cart track that goes up the valley on the orographic left, and after about 4.5 kilometers take the mule track on the right that leads to Rifugio Soria. Once you reach the lower edge of the Prajet plain you can see the refuge: at a large boulder (directions) turn left and arrive at the Ellena-Soria refuge 1840 m; 3.00 hours.

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