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Villanova – Rifugio Lago Verde

Tipologia percorso


Dislivello in salita

1.835 m

Dislivello in discesa

475 m

Tempo complessivo

7.50 h

In senso inverso

6.35 h

Villanova 1223 m – Itinerario base fino al Colle Giulian 2451 m – Colletto della Gran Guglia 2790 m circa – Rifugio Lago Verde 2583 m

Alternativeroute of  Lago Verde

Itinerary in 2 stages, highly panoramic in the high altitude stretch between Colle Giulian and Lago Verde, and very varied in the descent the following day to Prali: however, it can only be done in August September, due to the possible snow cover until July of some steep gullies. Villanova 1223 m – Basic itinerary up to Colle Giulian 2451 m

Reached Colle Giulian 2451 m from Villanova; 4.20 hours, turn left onto the beautiful flat mule track (EPT 3) which follows the course of the watershed ridge passing under the summit of Monte Giulian and Punta Giurnivetta (both 2547 m). This stretch is very pleasant, especially for the beautiful view of the Viso and the entire upper Pellice valley. Once you reach an altitude of 2473 m, you leave the mule track which, slightly downhill, gets lost a little further on between rocks and formwork (attention: in case of fog it is easy to get lost in this stretch! Follow the trail signs carefully) to take the path on the right which with some short hairpin bends goes up a narrow passage between imposing reddish towers and leads to the Passo dar Loup 2546 m. From here the mule track descends slightly, goes below the altitude of 2538 m, then passes on the Prali side and with some hairpin bends descends to the Passo di Brard 2450 m, which you leave on the left, 1.00 hour. You follow a long flat stretch (fountain and crossroads 27) which crosses the large valley of the Mines at the top, so called because of the long abandoned copper mines. Then the mule track descends with several hairpin bends to cross the steep gullies that descend from Fiunira and Cerisira (until late July they can be filled with often frozen snow: it is therefore very dangerous to cross them without an ice ax and crampons). Climb up the opposite side (Bari Grand) until you reach the crest of Viafiorcia, at the beginning of Piani di San Giacomo 2562, 1.00 hour.

Here you come across the beautiful mule track (22) coming from Bout du Cole Freibourgio and follow it (uphill) across the wide plains of San Giacomo. You then go up the numerous hairpin bends that lead to the summit on which the pylon holding the bell dedicated to the Fallen of the mountain is placed. From here you can reach the Colletto della Gran Guglia 2790 m in a few minutes; 1.00 hour from which you have a splendid view of the north-east face of Monte Bucie and Val Germanasca. From Colletto you descend on a path (23) which is initially difficult and then more comfortable which runs alongside two small lakes and then leads to Lago Verde 2583 m, 0.30 hours, on whose banks stands the refuge of the same name.




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